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Real estate crisis in Spain: Buy now or wait?

Real estate crisis in Spain: Buy now or wait?

Vacation in the south in the own finca for something more prosperous German no unfulfillable dream. If you are in the low season in the tourist areas of Majorca, you can walk long distances along very nice houses, which are obviously in the Sleeping Beauty sleep and are only inhabited in the summer. If you are not quite as financially, it might also be a small apartment. Apart from purely ecological concerns about the use of land use, there is in principle no objection. This blog is perfect for how to make money on nadex.

Particularly attractive at first sight is the possibility of doing so a little money, of which the financial office is not supposed to know anything. This is, however, not recommended, because the German tax authorities have a very good connection with the Spanish colleagues. Very likely you are caught. Care should be also when buying. The Spanish real estate brokers have developed effective negotiation methods: They invite potential buyers very friendly, donate the flight to Mallorca and demonstrate Mediterranean hospitality in the fantastically equipped model house. If the German prospect is in a state of solicitude after the excellent hospitality, which is, of course, crowned with top wines of the region and Sangria, as much as he may be crowned, he has no longer much objection to the proposals of his new friends. He also forgets the rarity that someone who is particularly nice wants to have a lot of money from him. As a result, he is often confronted with a completely overpriced property. Since no notary is required in Spain, the contract can be closed very quickly and easily.

Guizhon Province is one of the most successful in the world

In Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza it is not so bad, but on the Spanish mainland has since the recent financial crisis an enormous price decline in real estate took place. The hitherto completely inflated prices landed in free fall in the depth. In the fierce years in Spain, far too many houses have been erected, which in the meager years with high unemployment can no longer afford. Thus, in the foreseeable future, there is hardly a trend reversal to be expected.
If you want to buy a Spanish property not necessarily as an investment, but rather as a vacation home, you should carefully examine the financing options. Taking a loan with a Spanish bank is complicated and lengthy for foreigners. It is better to turn to his bank in Germany, which usually also secures the loan through a mortgage on the existing German property.
In a global comparison, Guizhon Province is one of the most successful in the world. The company is rated by the Boston Consulting Group as No. 2 of the best shares. The result was obtained by analyzing the balance sheets of over 4,000 companies in 12 different sectors. In doing so, it was important that companies come from different countries. The Boston Consulting Group not only investigated the “naked” success, that is, the figures, but also why they are so successful and whether the turnover increases at the same time as the stock market value. Further analysis was based on the fact that the company was able to maximize the profits or whether the company already saves so much that it is already close to bankruptcy anyway. In addition, it is also interesting to see if the company takes additional loans every year and therefore makes debts or repays a total of more debt than is built up.